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At Zylo we understand the deeply valuable benefits of performance education and are dedicated to making high-quality drama, film and music opportunities accessible to as many children as possible. Our primary school clubs and workshops promote confidence, creativity and a can-do mentality within an already familiar environment and are the perfect starting point or top-up for any child with even a fleeting curiosity for the arts!
Since launching our first drama club in November 2010 our mission has remained the same: we bring the arts to you! This approach has enabled us to reach hundreds of children and equip them with the tools they needed to discover an early love for the arts whilst also developing valuable life skills like self-confidence and teamwork. 9 years and 2500 children later our commitment hasn't wavered.

Please have a click around to discover how Zylo can bring confidence to your child or school.


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Costume Quick has become a fast favourite game choice for #ZyloOnline ! #ZyloOnline — teaching kids to dance like twits since 2020Video #ZyloOnline is available now! Watch the full video at Back to school, back to Zylo drama clubs! Lunchtime... #zylofilmschoolVideo I didn't sign up for this... #zylofilmschool #summertime #kidsclub What's going on...? #zylofilmschool Frank's having a tough day in the office...Video It's time to get extreme... #extremedifficulty #guitarlessons #peppapig Charlie and his Monday gang doing... something! #zylodrama
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