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Singing Lessons

Wail like a diva, roar like a rock star!

Singing Lessons


Singing for anyone!

Zylo singing lessons are a fantastic way to aquire and develop singing skills and learn about teamwork. Participation in singing is known to help children develop socially, academically and personally and our lessons are designed to give children a rounded experience of singing. We believe that children are more motivated when they're learning things they love, so our fun, engaging tutors use current, popular music and our lessons incorporate songwriting, choral singing and soloing along with a slew of fun, effective vocal warmups and games designed to help children push past their limits and discover their inner pop stars! Sessions are built around our club motto: Play, Progress, Perform.

  • PLAY: Singing should be fun so our lessons are relaxed, modern and promote a safe, exciting learning environment.

  • PROGRESS: Through vocal exercises, choral singing, solo singing and the use of modern, popular songs, our pupils develop key vocal and performance skills.

  • PERFORM: Children perform to each other at lessons and are frequently offered an opportunity to show off in school assemblies.

"The only thing better than singing is more singing."

- Ella Fitzgerald

Whether they're serious about becoming the next Adele or just testing the water and trying something new, our singing lessons offer something fun and beneficial for any child. They last 30 minutes, take place during the school day and are limited to 8 children per lesson to ensure that we can give each child who attends plenty of attention. By offering children the opportunity to learn to sing at school, we hope to offer hundreds access to the many benefits that singing provides.

Our policies and systems enable our brilliant tutors to maintain a safe, fun and supportive club setting in which children can thrive. Anita Collins, a neuroscientist specialising in music education, says that “Playing music is the brain's equivalent of a full body workout".  At Zylo we bring the arts to you and, in doing so, aim to extend these benefits to the widest possible range of children.

Why singing?

Singing is recognised the world over for its many benefits including raising confidence, team skills, speaking skills, memory skills and promoting emotional maturity in children through self expression. Perhaps best of all is the effect singing has on a child's creativity, especially when writing plays a part in their lessons. The feeling of singing a song that you love mixed with that of singing in chorus with your peers is something that is better experienced than explained, and it is wonderfully positive for children.

Why Zylo?

We've been running primary school clubs since 2010 and have worked with over 1500 children across more than 35 clubs. Our fun, balanced approach takes into account our position as an introduction or 'top-up' option as well as the nature of a school club setting, allowing us to create an experience that caters to all children, not only those with an inherent interest in music. Our healthy mix of choral and solo work, creativity and modern songs allows us to create an experience that keeps children coming back.

What happens after I apply?

Once you've filled out our online application form we will respond as soon as possible with a confirmation (usually within 24 hours). If a place is available you will receive an email containing information about our service and login details for the members area of our website where you can view session dates, communicate with us about your child's progress and make online payments. If a place is unavailable we will add your child to the waiting list and let you know as soon as an opportunity arrises for them to join.


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