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Help us blast off at your school!

Launch a Club

The form below is for requesting that we contact your school to launch a NEW CLUB. If you want to sign your child up to an EXISTING CLUB you're in the wrong place!


Zylo clubs are a great choice for any primary school. Not only are we passionate about creating and delivering great content that educates, entertains and inspires, but we've also made our clubs exceptionally easy, safe and secure to host. We tick all the safeguarding, health & safety and first aid boxes... and then a few more. We handle our own admin, are transparent and honest about our company, our team and the content we deliver and pride ourselves on building long-lasting relationships with schools and families.

Whether you're a representative from a school or a parent looking to help your child's school identify new extra-curricular opportunities, please use this form to have us get in touch. Completing the form comes with no obligations... but could result in a wonderful new club for the children at your school!

Want more info before enquiring?

Follow these links to learn everything there is to know about Zylo and why we'd be a safe, secure and superb addition to your club timetable


Learn more about our drama clubs


Learn more about our music clubs


Who we send in and their level of training


The policies and cover we have in place

Why Drama or Music?

Drama and music are both recognised by educators and psychologists for their wide range of social and personal benefits for children. Participation in both teaches valuable life skills, like how to work effectively as part of a team, and have been shown to positively impact children academically. The skills developed in drama and music go beyond the scope of simply training performers too.... whether your child wants to be a footballer, a rocket scientist, a hollywood star or a rock god, everyone has something to gain from performing arts education.

Why Zylo?

We've been running primary school drama clubs since 2010 and have worked with over 1500 children across more than 35 clubs. Our fun, balanced approach takes into account our position as an introduction or 'top-up' option as well as the nature of an after-school club setting, allowing us to create an experience that caters to all children, not only those with an inherent interest in performance. We also make hosting and subscribing to our clubs easy and safe by handling our own admin and making sure that we meet all policy, safeguarding and training requirements

What happens next?

Once the form is submitted we will check to see if your school is in an area we currently cover or an area that we can launch in. We will contact you to let you know, then we will contact your school with full details about our service and a meeting request. If all goes well, we visit to run free workshops or perform in a school assembly to promote the club to the children. When a club launch is agreed in an area we currently cover, we can have it up and running in as little as a week! In other areas times can vary but we always aim for a quick start.

Where to Next?

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