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OK... but what do people really think?



What schools, parents and kids think of Zylo...

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful start in life you have afforded my son with regard to building his self-confidence and creating a platform within himself from which he could learn to express himself and grow as an individual."
- Sarah Horley, parent

"Zylo has made a marked difference to my daughter's confidence in a fun way without her realising."
- Debbie Dadswell, parent

"Makes shy children shine!"
- Debe Jones, parent

"The children thoroughly enjoyed the experience led by superb instructors who both encouraged the children and enabled them to creatively display their talents. Parents very much enjoyed watching their children's progress and enjoyment."
- Dr Michael Davies, Headteacher at Little Horsted CEP School

"My daughter's confidence has clearly soared"

“I have great pleasure in providing a testimonial for Ryan and his company Zylo Performance. His patience, professionalism and natural connection with the children is clearly apparent and the children thoroughly enjoy their drama sessions. We cannot fault any [Zylo] staff member who has visited Manor and I have complete faith in Ryan’s vetting process.”
- Margaret Coleman, Headteacher at Manor Primary School

"My son generally detests any sort of group activities (especially team sports) and finding after school clubs that he will even tolerate, let alone actually enjoy is really difficult but he loves coming to Drama. It’s the first club I remember him wanting to go back to term after term, so you and your team must be doing something very right."
- Kirsty Bell, parent

"The natural empathy that the Zylo Performance tutors have with the children is just wonderful to see. My daughter's confidence has clearly soared, she always wants to do drama after school... which is equally fuelling her love of story writing & plays! I'm off now to another performance by BB Productions!!"
- Darcie Carrington, parent

"Nile’s speech and confidence have improved so much"

"My daughter loves the drama club and is looking forward to it every week. It is great to see children of different ages interacting and working so well together."
- Sylvia Butler, parent

"Tilly's confidence has grown and developed wonderfully through Zylo drama and this is reflected in her overall behaviour. She always comes home full of fun and enthusiasm after each lesson."
- Kristina Everest, parent

“Thanks so much for providing such a wonderful drama club. Nile’s speech and confidence have improved so much because of his time spent with you. This year’s school play was real evidence of this, two years ago he wouldn’t have sung in front of his family let alone the whole school!”
- Amy Reynolds, parent

"Drama club is the best club at school, we get to make plays and it is lots of fun!"
- Sophie, pupil 

"An experience I am sure that she will always remember"

"[The tutor] who runs Zylo Performance always conducts the classes well and is very professional in his approach. From an admin point of view everything is dealt with by Zylo and we receive a register at the beginning of the term which takes the pressure off us in the school office."
- Jackie Potter, Office Manager at Buxted CEP School

"Marcie has had an amazing week. Each day she has come home full of tales of zombies, clapper boards and futuristic cowboys. Such is her commitment, she has got ready each morning without nagging and has stayed up late practicing her lines.
I want to thank you for providing her with such an amazing experience which, I am sure that she will always remember."
- Holly, parent

"Amy, Sam and Jamie would like to say a BIG thank you for the past week. We as their parents would like to say a BIGGER one! We all watched the DVD twice when we got home, and it gets better every time you see it. The kids had a blast this week, including Jamie, who, Monday morning was not convinced he wanted to come! Great work chaps."
- Nicky and Nige Styles, parents

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