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Curriculum Based Workshops

Expand their learning through drama!

Curriculum Based Workshops

daytime workshops for primary schools

Using drama to enhance their learning!

We all know that participation in drama has a wonderfully positive impact on children's personal and social development, but it can also be used as a highly effective academic tool. Welcome to our curriculum based drama workshops!

Learning about kings and queens in the time of the tudors? The origins of the olympics in ancient Greece? The plight of evacuees during the second World War? Our workshops take learning to the next level by creating interactive activities and settings that encourage children to think about their subject from a whole new perspective.

The experience is tailored to suit your requirements and subject. Whether you want a series of activities that touch on various learning points or one continuous role play that unflinchingly immerses children in another world, we've got you covered.

Our drama tutors are all experienced (when they aren't delivering workshops they run our after school drama clubs) and know how to make the sessions a lot of fun. All electronic equipment that we provide is PAT tested and our risk assessments, training and policies are available on request.

Our curriculum based workshops can accomodate a whole class and are available for a minimum of 1 group (half day) and a maximum of 5 groups (full day). We are flexible, reasonably priced and always tailor the experience to your individual needs. For more information about these great workshops us the link below to enquire!

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