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Zylo Online performances

Here we post finished performances from our Drama Club Online courses. Everything you see here was written & performed by the children and recorded through their webcams. The courses are made up of 3 1-hour sessions taking place over 3 weeks and the performances are shot during the final session. The sessions are also chock full of crazy games too!

You can find out more about our online drama clubs and book your places at Zylo Online

A (Not So) Ordinary Day at the Zoo

The Twisting Tale of Death & the Aussie

Zylo News - Harry's Group, week 1

Underwater Alien Escapades


The School Adventure

Tony Dackman and the Murdered Macdonald

Little Brother

Super Sparkles...

Time Travel 101

Lesley's Lovely Leslercise

Wands Vs Lightsabers

Murder on the Space Orient Express