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Holiday Courses T's & C's

Bookings for our holiday clubs and courses are subject to the following terms and conditions. Please read through them carefully as they contain important information about our procedures and your requirements when booking or cancelling.

Costs, Invoicing & Payment

Our holiday courses are based on set costs per booking type which are clearly stated on our film school web page through which we take all bookings. ‘Sibling’ or ‘multi-booking’ discounts are applied to any booking of more than one child or any multiple bookings of a single child to any Zylo holiday courses within a single year (i.e: 2023). Only one form of discount is applicable at any one time and discounts cannot be combined or stacked.

Invoices are issued shortly after receipt of your application. The invoice includes a deposit request and deposit due date, usually 1 to 2 weeks from the invoice date or shortly after booking if your application is received within two months of the course start date. Failure to pay the deposit on time DOES NOT constitute a booking cancellation but Zylo Performance reserves the right to cancel your booking if the deposit is not paid after communication has been attempted. In this case we will always notify you of the cancellation by email.

The due date for the remaining payment is also included on your invoice and is usually 2 weeks before the course start date. Details on how to make your payments will be included on your invoice. If a second instalment payment has not been received 3 months after the due date we reserve the right to utilise a debt recovery service and to claim compensation for any debt recovery fees.

Bookings & Booking Cancellations

Bookings are made through our secure web form at Upon submission of the form you must agree to these terms and conditions and the form constitutes part 1 of your booking confirmation. Once we have reserved your place we will send a confirmation email which is part 2 of your confirmation at which point your booking becomes binding.

Booking cancellations should be made to us directly via email, phone call or our online contact form (details can be found here). If a cancellation occurs before the deposit due date, no fee will be due. If a cancellation occurs anytime from the deposit due date to 3 days prior to the course start date the deposit will still be due but the remaining fees will not be due. If a cancellation occurs 3 days or less from the course start date, or in the case that your child does not arrive to attend the course without prior notice of a cancellation, the full invoice value will be due.

As mentioned in the Costs, Invoicing & Payment section above; failure to pay your deposit on time DOES NOT constitute a booking cancellation but we do reserve the right to cancel your booking if your deposit is not recieved on time after attempting communication. In this case we will always email you to inform you of the booking cancellation.

Course Cancellations, Attendance & Refunds

In the extremely unlikely event that we have to cancel a holiday course all exchanged fees (deposits and remaining payments) will be refunded in full. If we have have to cancel a single day or part of the course we will reschedule or make proportionate refunds available.

Refunds/reductions will not be offered where children do not attend parts of the course. Zylo Performance reserves the right to expel from the course any child who’s behaviour causes distress to, or otherwise significantly impacts the experience of, others on the course. Refunds will not be offered in these cases.

In the interest of Health & Safety any child who is unwell with symptoms such as vomiting or diarrhoea will be sent home and should not return for one full day after symptoms no longer persist. Refunds cannot be offered in cases of illness.

Zylo Performance reserves the right to make individual decisions on refund requests outside of the circumstances above, such as in the case of a valid complaint.

Recorded Media, Video Files & Sharing

As the course involves photography we require a parent or guardian to sign a recorded media consent and release form before the course starts or on the first day. The agreement, amongst other things, lays out the way in which we store, process and delete media captured during the course and the nature of the media we keep, as well as the reasons why. The form will be included in your invoice email allowing plenty of time for queries before any money becomes due. Refunds will not be made available for children withdrawn from the course over media consent issues so please ensure you have read and understand the media consent form before your deposit due date.

At the end of the course we provide a password protected download link for the films your children have created. These film files can be stored on your computer and viewed privately but must not be shared online, used for commercial purposes or burned to a physical disc without first obtaining the appropriate licences. This is due to safeguarding and the use of copyrighted media in the films.

Communication & Contact Details

We will communicate with you via text, email and phone using the details you supply at the point of application in order to provide a consistent service. It is your responsibility to provide us with up to date contact information and let us know if anything changes. We cannot accept responsibility for our communications not reaching you due to expired contact details. The email address you provide will also be used to send the video download links at the end of the course as well as to invite you to provide course feedback on Trustpilot, though you are not required to do so.

For more information on the data we collect and how we use it, see our Privacy Policy.

Legal, Insurance & Safeguarding

Zylo Performance Limited is registered under the 1998 Data Protection Act and is GDPR compliant. All staff are advanced DBS checked and child protection trained and statutory insurances are in place. Our website and payment systems are hosted on secure servers and fall in line with PCI DSS compliance laws and trading standards guidelines and recommendations.