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School Clubs T's & C's

Membership and booking of Zylo school clubs are subject to the following terms and conditions. Please read through them carefully as they contain important information about our procedures and your requirements when booking or cancelling.

Cost, Charging Structure & Discounts

Charging Structure
We charge on a per-term basis based on a 6 term year. We do not accept payments per session or payment in advance for multiple terms.

Cost Calculation
The cost of a term is the multiplication of the individual session cost by the number of sessions set to take place in the term. For instance, if the session cost is £6.50 and 6 sessions will take place in the term, the cost of the term will be £39.00.


We offer a variety of automatic discounts for different booking types. These are outlined below:

Sibling Discount
The sibling discount reduces the cost of each session for each child where one or more siblings are members of a single or multiple Zylo clubs. The sibling discount applies to any invoice pertaining to bookings of multiple children, but does not alter the cost for children benefiting from our accessibility discount. It cannot be combined with the multi-booking discount or stacked.

Multi-Booking Discount
The multi-booking discount reduces the cost of each session for each service where one child is a member of multiple Zylo clubs. The Multi-booking discount only applies to bookings for a single child and cannot be combined or stacked with other discounts. The multi-booking discount does not apply to children benefiting from our accessibility discount.

Accessibility Discount
The accessibility discount reduces the cost of each session for each service for children who carry an official disability card. The accessibility discount overrides all other discount types for the disability cardholder. Any siblings on the same booking who do not carry disability cards will still receive the sibling discount.


We offer 4 payment options for our school club services:

Direct Debit
The easiest way to pay is to have us collect your payments automatically each term using our GoCardless Direct Debit option. You can easily and qiuckly sign up to Direct Debit payments from your Zylo Account. Once set up, your payments will be collected automatically 7 days after we issue each invoice (if an invoice is issued within 5 days of setting up your Direct Debit the collection date will be in 14 days to allow time for your mandate to be confirmed).

When a new invoice is issued we will send you an email and text confirming your payment amount and automated collection date. You will also receive a notification from GoCardless 5 days in advance of all payment collections. We will also notify you of successful collections by text and email within 48 hours of each collection date.

Should payment ever fail we will attempt collection twice more at 7 day intervals. If all three attempts fail your invoice will need to be paid manually and we will notify you by test and email.

You can easily cancel your Direct Debit at any time from your Zylo account or with your bank. Our automated payments are fascilitated by GoCardless and Zylo Performance does not store any card details or financial information.

Online Payment
Debit & Credit Card payments can be made online quickly, easily and securely from your Zylo account by clicking the 'Pay Now' button next to the relevant invoice under your invoices tab. Our online payments are fascilitated by Fidelipay and Zylo Performance does not store any card details or financial information.

Phone Payment
Debit & Credit Card payments can be made over the phone quickly, easily and securely by calling us on 07796 305205. Our phone payments are fascilitated by Fidelipay and Zylo Performance does not store any card details or financial information.

Bank Transfer
Payment can also by made via bank transfer to the following account upon receipt of your invoice:

Zylo Performance Limited

Please ensure that you include the invoice number in your payment reference.

Please note: We no longer accept payment by cash or cheque in person at Zylo sessions. If you would prefer to pay by cash or cheque please mail these to the address on our contact page and include your child's name and the invoice number in the envelope.

Invoicing and Late Payment

Invoices are issued shortly before the start of a term or upon your child's booking. Invoices clearly outline a due date which is usually 21 days from the issue date. This is the date by which your invoice should be paid.

If your payments are taken automatically using our Direct Debit option, your invoice will include a payment collection date. This is the date that we'll charge your card and is usually 7 days from the issue date (or 14 days from the issue date if your Direct Debit was set up within 5 days of the issue date).

If payment for your invoice is not received by the due date, your invoice will become overdue and we will notify you by text and email that payment must be made as soon as possible. We will send a second reminder should your invoice remain unpaid after 7 days.

If your invoice is not paid 14 days after your due date it will become escalated and flagged for further action by our team who will attempt to contact you directly by phone, email and text. At this stage your child will not be able to attend the club until the invoice is settled. For daytime clubs they will not be collected from their classrooms and for after-school clubs they will be taken into the care of the school office until collected.

If an invoice remains unpaid 8 weeks after the due date we reserve the right to involve a debt recovery service and to claim compensation for any debt recovery fees.

Session Dates, Session Cancellations and Refunds

Session Dates
All upcoming session dates can be viewed in your Zylo account under the Timetables tab or on your calendar. They are also listed on any invoices we send you.

Session Cancellations
We will always try to arrange cover before cancelling a session but in the event of a cancellation we will notify you by email and text as soon as possible.

In the event that a tutor can not attend a daytime class we always try to move the session to an alternate day before cancelling outright.

Following session or service cancellations we always offer a refund or reduction from your current or next invoice equivalent to the cost of the cancelled session(s).

We also offer a full refund after your child's first session if they decide not to continue with the club.

For refunds pertaining to booking cancellations, please see the Membership & Booking Cancellations section.

Outside of these circumstances we reserve the right to make decisions on refunds on a case by case basis.

Membership & Booking Cancellations

Zylo clubs are membership based so once your child is signed up the booking will carry over from term to term until the membership is cancelled or they leave the school.

You can cancel your child's membership at any time and we will refund the cost of any future sessions that you have paid for.

Cancellation Charges
There is no cancellation fee. However sessions remain chargable until we receive notice of cancellation. For instance, if a child stops attending at the start of term but 3 sessions pass before we receive notice of cancellation, those 3 sessions will remain payable. If you have not yet paid we will still require payment for sessions that took place before you notified us. If you have already paid we will refund only the sessions set to occur after you have notified us.

Communication and Contact Details

In order to provide a consistent service we will communicate with you frequently via text and email. In some cases we may also need to contact you by phone and/or mail. For more information on how we store your data and your statutory rights, please see our GDPR compliant privacy policy.

It is your responsibility to ensure that the contact details we hold for you are up to date. All charges and fees outlined above will remain payable in the event that information did not reach you due to outdated contact details.

Legal, Insurance and Safeguarding

Zylo Performance Limited is registered under the 1998 Data Protection Act and is GDPR compliant. All staff are advanced DBS checked, child protection trained, prevent trained and emergency first aid trained and statutory insurances are in place. Our website and payment systems are hosted on secure servers and are PCI DSS compliant. We are compliant with trading standards guidelines and recommendations.